Thursday, January 08, 2009

Caller Location Info v 0.2 for WinMo

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[Update: 29-Aug-2009] A recent version of this app is available. See here.

Here is the next version of my Caller Location Info app for Windows Mobile (for India).

After I had release v 0.1, there was too many requests for making this app work for countries outside India and for landlines. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to implement a "similar" approach for most countries outside India. Please note that I do not claim that it is not possible at all. So when I got time, I extended the app for showing the city names for landlines -- based on the STD codes in India.

The installation instructions and other properties remain the same. See the earlier post for that.

Snapshots: (v 0.2)

Download the CAB installer.



  1. Hi Naveen, this one doesn't work on wm 6.5 .
    Any pointers ??

  2. I've not yet tried WinMo 6.5 as it is still in beta stage and I've been hearing about a number of bugs. It is less possible that the notification architecture has an issue in WinMo 6.5 (I believe that would be something fundamentally broken then). But the way my app shows the caller info onto existing windows, is a kind-of hack/patch -- and might be more likely to be broken due to some recent changes in 6.5.

  3. Hi Naveen,will it work wid Nokia5310XpressMusic??

  4. @debangana: No, this works only on Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 (someone even reported issues with WinMo 6.5). I will have to take a look at 6.5 once it is released (non-beta).

  5. Hi Naveen, just to check with you whether is there any possibility that can track those anonymous incoming call like ' Private Number ' or some Dummy Numbers? Is there any software that work together with Windows Mobile 6.1?

  6. @Gary: afaik, it is not possible -- the required info is missing from the service provider levels.