Monday, January 12, 2009

EKSI -- an acronym of recent times

Recently I came across this acronymn EKSI being used widely in forums (Later I realized it was only used by those who know tamil). I had no clue as to what it means and googling does not reveal anything obvious.

Finally I had to ask one of those guys who used this and it turns out to be the abbreviation for the most famous tamil dialogue 'Enna Koduma Saravanan Idhu' --- EKSI :)

For those who don't understand tamil, this is a dialogue said by actor Prabhu to actor Rajini Kanth in the film Chandramuki (tamil). This dialogue became so famous and is used in various contexts generally to insult a work in a humorous tone :)

Watch the original clip and actor Prabhu's reaction: LOL!


  1. lolz...u got most of it rt....

    Its Enna Kodumai Sir Ithu - much common tamil dialogue...used in films often. And for the reasons u said.

    This was famous b4 Chandramukhi happnd.

  2. one EKSI to you
    another to your blog!

  3. @Adeesh: hey.. it become famous only after the movie chandramukhi and also because of premji.. who uses this dialogue in his films..