Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tata Sky Plus -- Television redefined

Tata Sky Plus (TSP) isn't anything new that I'm trying to introduce to the crowd, but its extra-ordinary power pushed me to write about it. Even, I knew about Tata Sky Plus right from the time it was launched; knew about the features and felt amazed. But believe me, you need to experience it to appreciate it even further. The flexibility it offers is a real big leap in the realm of television broadcasts.

My USB TV tuner card had somewhat similar features (along with my TVProgramGuide application), but TSP is even better.

The crown of TSP is the ability to pause, rewind, record "live" TV. I know, some might feel that these are unnecessary features or luxury, but I've used it already many times in these 2 days (not because I have it, but because I needed it). It turns out that it is pretty common that we miss some critical scenes while we watch a TV, and ignore an inner urge to rewind it (because there is no way). We just live with it; but we don't have to, if 'we've TSP. I knew earlier that TSP allows the viewers to record one channel, while watching the other channel (yes, it has dual tuners built-in), but I didn't know that it would even allow you to record 2 different channels simultaneously while you watch one of the earlier recorded programmes - this is awesome. It requires a good amount of processing power. With a 160GB hard disk built into the DVR STB, TSP has all its space and power to do wonders -- it's a real multi-processing machine!!

There are many other good features in TSP too that are common across all DTH providers. I've only blogged about what's so special.

With their easy to use UI (I believe so), they have integrated all the features very well. Their user guide was a simple 15 page guide, with cool guidance. That said, the features it offers is a little beyond the understanding of a common man. e.g., a non-techy person "may" not be able to understand and enjoy all the features.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The high beam non-sense

I am getting to feel that the high-beam non-sense has tremendously increased on the roads in India in the recent times. With more people starting to ride on roads, with more and more powerful bikes and cars coming up, this has really become a PITA.

I wonder if (those) people even know that there are ways to control their beams. Maybe people like that extra indicator glowing on their dashboard, without bothering to worry about what it means. Not just cars, these days bikes' beams are also too bright to withstand. I hate these bike manufacturers for providing such big domes and reflectors -- specially the pulsars, unicorn etc., I can really feel that pain in my retina and like everyone else I would struggle to see through. No need to mention the consequences on the ride.

The other day, I started from office in a bad mood (as usual). Was driving my car on the service road in Outer ring road, Bangalore. There was an opposing car with high beams (nothing uncommon). It was really too bright, and with the scarce lighting on the service road, I could only see those two head lights in the whole world around me. Being frustrated already, I didn't want to ignore this. I thought I would at least let him know how it feels. So I just put my headlights on high-beam and drove towards him :) I was happy that he would have learnt a lesson by now; but interestingly, as our cars cross each other, this guy stops his car and scolds me for my high beam and leaves. Hmmm. feeling totally helpless when you are frustrated? priceless!!

Nothing is going to change, until this is seriously considered a traffic violation.