Sunday, January 04, 2009

Caller Location Info v 0.1 for WinMo

== I had developed this application in Sep 2008; posting it here to give a context to my other applications and future versions of this app ==

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This application for Windows Mobile 5+ displays the service provider and the location to which the caller (on incoming call) or receiver (on outgoing calls) belongs. The application hooks into the Windows Mobile state notification infrastructure and the caller info is automatically shown whenever there is an incoming call or outgoing call.

This application only works for mobile numbers in India -- sorry I don't have information for other countries; rather it does not seem feasible in many countries (including the US). In fact many countries now allow the users to carry their existing number to other service providers. I heard such a scheme is on its way in India too.

This app should work on any phone running WinMo 5 or above. I've tested it only on my ASUS p320.

How To:

After installation just click on the shortcut from Programs. That's it. I've purposely not installed the shortcut in Startup folder to give full-control to the user to choose whether or not to run the app.

Sadly, there is no easy way to exit the app other than rebooting your phone - if you have applications like process explorer, you can terminate the process at your will.

Enjoy the app!


Download the CAB installer.

  • It is possible that few recently allocated mobile numbers are not known to this app and will be reported as Unknown.
  • Also this version only supports location information for mobile phones (not for landline std codes).
  • The information might be wrong if the caller is roaming.

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  1. thanks for the information i didnt realise that it only worked on mobiles.