Saturday, August 29, 2009

Caller Location Info v 0.3 for WinMo

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Here is the next version of my Caller Location Info app for Windows Mobile (for India).

1. Includes a bunch of new additions to the mobile numbering. At least 250-300 new numbers added.
2. Includes 2 new service providers - Tata Docomo and Loop Mobile.
3. No changes to the STD list.
4. No bug fixes (no known bugs actually :D)

The installation instructions and other properties remain the same. See the earlier post for that.

Download the CAB installer.



  1. its not working on my mobile, when I click the icon it says the software started...but when I try calling from another mobile like tata indicom Andhra one it is not showing the provider name where from...can you please let me know is ther any excel fine I need to copy to the phone...


  2. There is no need to copy any other file. It should just work.

    Which version of Windows Mobile are you using?

  3. I am using v3.0...nothing is showing when I got a call or when I am calling to any other mobile

  4. sorry mobile version is WM 6.5

  5. I don't think this works on WinMo 6.5. I've only tested on WinMo 6.1, and I know people who use it on WinMo 6.0.

  6. please include new mobile code like tata docomo etc the no. that start with 80.
    I suggest a simple file containing code & operator, should be easy to update by normal users.

  7. Dear Naveen,

    With the growing market share of Android, have you ever thought of developing such good application for Android Platform also.

    Tarun Kabra

  8. Tarun,

    I've moved onto Android too. However, the only reason why I've not ported Caller Location app to Android is the mobile-number-portability that is expected any time in India. That would invalidate this approach altogether.