Wednesday, January 07, 2009

GeraldApp License

GeraldApp License

version 1.0, Jan 2009
Copyright © 2009 Gerald Naveen (

The license imposes the following Terms and Conditions:

1. The application is free (free as in free beer; not free as in free speech) for personal use. Any commercial use in any form is strictly not permitted.

2. You are free to copy/distribute this application provided your distribution carries this license "as-is" in a TXT file.

3. The application is originally developed "only" for my personal use. I share this application for the benefit of others, "as-is" without any warranty. I'm not in anyways responsible for any damage of any sort caused as a result of using this application. Use at your own risk.

4. I respect open source and support it, but I'm not willing to share the source of this application to be on the safer side and not to attract any legal violations from my current or future employer(s). Please understand and do not ask for source.

5. The features of the application are based on my own requirements. You are free to comment on the features and enhancements at my blog. However, I'm not committed to making any change or even bug fixes, unless I find the need and time.

6. Any re-post of this application in a different website should include a HTTP URL reference to the corresponding page of my application in my blog. I find my applications being re-posted on various blogs/forums without any reference to me. This is not permitted.

Any reference to GeraldApp license without a version number will refer to this version (v 1.0) of the license.

=== end of license ===

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