Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Forum -- On Dec 6th

'The Forum' is a famous shopping mall in bangalore. It's like Chennai's spencer plaza. Every molecule in bangalore would know about it.

When I woke up today, I did not remember that today is the notorious Dec 6th; failed to remember even the recent t e r r o r attack warning for Dec 6th on airports. It was just a yet-another-saturday for me, but only until I reached the Forum. The bike parking didn't surprise me, except for the additional security checks on the bikes too. I could get a slot close to the entrance of the parking space, so I did not bother to look around; As I entered the Forum, I could sense the difference immediately; at a first glance it was "deserted" -- Forum and deserted are almost literally an oxymoron.

The immediate thought in my mind was "Did I miss any news?". Never mind, took out my mobile and immediately glanced through the news on the internet to check if I missed something unusual. Thankfully nothing worse. That is when it struck me that today was Dec 6th and the attack warning. I could understand the panic.

After a small while, I could see more faces and felt a bit better than how it sounded earlier. However, I've never seen Forum like today in these three and half years I've spent in Bangalore. I could almost see the complete stretch of the forum mall from one end (people who have been to Forum would know if this was ever possible). At 2.30pm atleast 10-15% of tables in transit were empty. Infact, transit was the only crowded place I could see today. Very few people in the corridors; Overall it was atleast 40% less populated. I was convinced that I should leave.

On the way back, a fire-engine was blazing through the bangalore traffic with terrific siren. For a change, today everyone gave way for it. I could see that everyone stopped for a while, and looked bewildered at the fire engine -- just like me wondering where would have been the fire now and why??!!! hmmm... people moved on with a sigh!

Finally I returned home safely (not from war, but from weekend shopping). Where am I living ?!!

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