Wednesday, December 03, 2008

better late than never...

For many years now, I've had the intention to blog, but never found time. After suggestions from quite a bit of my friends, I've finally decided to blog.

hehe, then thats not me; but this is actually how many people whom I know have started blogging. ;)

I knew about blogging few years back, and in fact I created this URL in 2004. To be frank, I never thought I would ever blog in my life. I'm pretty lazy in writing (I remember not answering few questions in my MS exams, because I felt bored of writing and I had already answered for 90%). I know of some people who have recently started blogging, and some people who have recently stopped blogging because they no longer find time. Let me see how long this works for the lazy me.

I believe after many years, it would be wonderful for me/others to glance through my blog to know how I've been and how I've grown. And believe this is a nice way to share knowledge and more importantly archive them.


  1. true.. true.. and good to see its updated daily :-D

  2. thanks da VJP!!

    hey senthil, I started posting only today..thats why you are able to see my blog up-to-date. ;)