Friday, December 05, 2008

Bangalore to Bheemeshwari

We had a team outing to a fishing resort near Bangalore - named Bheemeshwari. I'm not going to talk about Bheemeshwari as there are other ways in the internet to get it.

This is about how to get there. I had recorded the complete GPS track in my GPS phone (from Kanakapura road to Bheemeshwari car parking). The recorded route is ~52 miles. The route to Bheemeshwari deviates from the Kanakapura road after Kanakapura; then-on the directions to Bheemeshwari are not clear and the route is pretty deserted. Quite some hilly roads with steep slopes before we reach the cauvery bank at Bheemeshwari. It would be very helpful to have some navigation support if you are driving there for the first time.

If you ever want to drive down to Bheemeshwari, and if you have "any" GPS device that can load a track (as in the most popular GPS Exchange format -- GPX), just download my GPX file and you are all set to follow the track as your navigation device tells you. I was hopeful that I would need this myself, as I had a plan of going back to Bheemeshwari as a personal visit -- but that didn't happen.

By the time I settled in the bus, and my phone got lock on atleast 3 GPS satellites, we had reached Kanakapura road. So the route actually starts right from Kanakapura road in Bangalore. You should at least be knowing how to reach Kanakapura road if you are planning to drive down yourself ;)

Track shown in Google Maps: (overlay'ed line in cyan color).

View Larger Map

If you just want to download the track and see it yourself in Google Earth, download this KML file.
If you want to load the track in your GPS navigation device, download this GPX file.

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