Thursday, April 01, 2010

Microsoft Windows Mobile - an interesting bug

Bugs aren't rare; that too on Windows.

But this bug on my Windows Mobile phone, was a bit too much. See this snapshot:

The SIM card was very much present in the phone. That isn't the strange part here -- but note the signal-strength meter and the EDGE-support symbol at the top. While WinMo had connected to my service provider and registered itself successfully, some WinMo component still thought that the SIM card was missing! To add to it, I was even able to make/receive calls and the status was still adamant that it was 'missing'.

The well known Microsoft fix worked finally...yes, 'restart'.

btw, this isn't an april-fool hoax ;)


  1. LOL :-D That works almost all the time isn't it? The mighty "restart". ;-)

  2. oh yes, luckily most issues go away on restart ;)

  3. Its a Bug’s Life around MS things :D

    thank god the the restart :)